History of TBC

History of TBC


  • Taylorville Baptist Church began forming on September 14, 1960 as a mission of Forest Lake Baptist.  Until October 1960, worship services were being held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. P.L. Spiller.  Pastors of the Mission were Rev. J.H. Sollie, Rev. W.K.E. James, and Rev. Adolph Phares.
  • In October 1960, the Taylorville school property was purchased for $16,300 by Forest Lake Baptist Church and construction on the first Sanctuary began in January 1965.
  • In January 1965, Forest Lake Baptist Church endorsed a $45,000 bond issue to construct the first Sanctuary for the Taylorville Baptist Mission.
  • On August 29, 1965, the Mission formally became Taylorville Baptist Church under the direction of Rev. Adolph Phares.
  • A building program to add the two-story education classrooms, kitchen, and fellowship hall was completed in 1971.  The cost was $90,000.
  • The Family Life Center Gym was built in 1988.
  • New Sanctuary & Worship Center was completed for $1,900,000 in November 2004.

Pastors of Taylorville Baptist Church

o   Rev. J.H. Sollie (Mission Pastor)

o   Rev. W.K.E. James (Interim Mission Pastor)

o   Rev. Adolph Phares

o   Rev. Lamar Denkins (Interim Pastor)

o   Rev. Ronald Jackson

o   Rev. Kenneth Carr

o   Rev. Lynwood Duncan (Interim Pastor)

o   Rev. Billy Gray

o   Dr. Max Goodson

o   Rev. J.K. Ham (Interim Pastor)

o   Rev. Rick Mitchell

o   Rev. Danny Courson

o   Rev. Don Springer (interim Pastor)

o   Rev. Chris Kynard

o   Dr. Curtis A. Kelley